Cam & BJ are some of the best people I’ve met. They’re very genuine people. They’ve treated me like family & been honest with me since day one. I couldn’t be more grateful to have chosen them to represent me. Their work is second to none. They made me a priority & got me the opportunities to showcase who I am as a basketball player. Any player would be lucky to have them.

Terry Taylor
Indiana Pacers

The RBA Showcase at Basketball City has been a great partnership for Dr. Dish. Watching RBA Athletes utilize The Dish & then translate those skills in the NBA & European markets is a testament to the Dr. Dish technology & the work these guys put in.

Jefferson Mason
Dr. Dish

I’ve been with RBA sports for the past 4 years & counting. I truly believe it has changed the course of my career significantly. From finding me an opportunity in NBA Summer League, to placing me in great situations overseas in Israel, Germany & Italy. BJ checks a couple of boxes for me that not all agents do. Not only does he work! He stays in touch with me throughout the season to make sure things are running smooth. He’s straightforward with me & most importantly believes in my abilities as a basketball player. That’s the type of agent you want to have representing you.

John Petrucelli
Germani Brescia

BJ helped me get off to a great start to my professional career, first as a Rookie in the Baltic League & then in my 2nd year with The Pistons in NBA Summer League & EuroCup at B.C. Astana. RBA has been instrumental in every career move I’ve made. I have confidence knowing my Agency is working for me every step of the way.

Adam Kemp
Legia Warszawa