Basketball City at Pier 36 is a 150,000 square foot Sports & Entertainment venue, located at South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan. Basketball City is the home of the premiere NBA scouting event in NYC, The RBA Showcase. Basketball City also provides RBA Athletes with exclusive access to top NBA trainers & Red Carpet Events.
Dr. Dish provides state of the art shooting machines, enabling RBA Athletes to train more efficiently at Basketball City. Dr. Dish also provides customized training programs, enabling RBA Athletes to track their development progress through the Dr. Dish iPhone App.
Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment is a highly specialized wealth management division, dedicated to serving the unique and complex needs of athletes, entertainers, creators and top professionals in the sports and entertainment industry.
Keller Williams is one of the top Real Estate agencies in the world. The Sports & Entertainment group work closely with RBA Athletes to buy & sell homes, identify & secure potential investment properties, as well as utilize short-term rental services though Air BnB.
Sports Science Lab is a state of the art sports science laboratory, where leading sports scientists & bio-mechanists develop customized strength & conditioning programs that enable RBA Athletes to identity areas of strengths & weaknesses within their physiology, while gaining actionable intelligence that provides a competitive advantage.
Muscle Milk provides a variety of protein-enhanced shakes & energy bars that enable RBA Athletes to replenish vital nutrition after workouts at Basketball City.
Overtime has over 70 Million followers across 7 different digital platforms, helping promote RBA Athletes & related content to one of the largest social media audiences on the Internet.
The Players Trunk provides RBA Athletes a unique opportunity to engage with their fan-base, utilizing The Players Trunk digital platform to auction game-worn jerseys, shorts & other related material.